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"The Caspian Chronicles: Prophecies"
IndustryCentral ScreenWriters Exchange: Action/Adventure: "The Caspian Chronicles: Prophecies"
Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By Rodel Rodriguez (Sword_of_ro) on Thursday, November 2, 2000 - 07:38 am:

This is the first in a trilogy. It is the year 2153, the world is in Armageddon. Many years ago, major cities all over the world were wiped out by a cataclysmic asteroid hit. The skies are always gray and dull.

Now the survivors live in make shift huts and try to go on with their lives. Many drifters roam the badlands. Swords are the weapon of choice. One drifter, Drake Caspian, chronicles his adventures in this post-apocalyptic world, as he searches for his family.

In Prophecies he runs into Morgan and Destiny. Morgan plays a father figure to the twelve year old Destiny. There is an old prophecy made by Nostradamus that after the wars have ended and everything is still again, "a new king will be crowned to bring hope and pacify the land."

Destiny has powers given to her by the gods. She can summon gods and use them to her advantage in battles. Destiny hasn't harnessed her powers yet. She was chosen by the gods because she was the first born in the apocalyptic age. Morgan's objective is to take Destiny to the risen city of Atlantis. There she will sit on a throne in the Temple of Poseidon to "bring light and pacify the land".

This will not be easy though, because they have to race against an evil tyrant named Jacob Stryker. Jacob Stryker has put together his own army of drifters and is driven to rule the world. He takes villages and kills for pleasure. During one of his raids an old man tells him the prophecy of Destiny and Atlantis rising. Now Jacob Stryker, races Morgan, Destiny, Drake and the little army they put together to the city of Atlantis.

As predicted by the Dead Sea Scrolls, "The Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness shall fight a final war..."

As the story progresses through, Drake finds that he is not the lame boring dude that he thinks he is. He is tricked by Morgan into believing that he is to be a master swordsman. This will help Drake in his future adventures.

Jacob Stryker is a mean, cunning, and manipulative man. On one of his raids he finds an equal. A guy that can defeat him, named Dorian. Dorian is a mild mannered man just trying to help his family survive. But Dorian is a great fighter for he was trained just like Jacob. Jacob knows that Dorian can be more powerful than him, so Jacob "persuades" Dorian to join his army, by taking his wife hostage. Throughout the story Dorian is reluctant to join the army until his wife Gina is killed and his son, Roland, runs away. Here Dorian loses all hope and is seduced by the sons of darkness.

Now, there is a predicted monarch for good, but there is also a predicted monarch for evil who has the same powers as Destiny. If Destiny sits on the throne, the world will be pacified and light shall rule, but if the evil chosen one sits on the throne, the world will be engulfed in a reign of darkness and terror. Jacob Stryker believes he is the chosen one for evil.

I finished this script and am working on "The Caspian Chronicles: Wrath" and "The Caspian Chronicles: Revelations". In Prophecies, I took some old Greek mythology and mixed it with some old Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Dead Sea Scrolls "prophecies". There is a lot of swordplay and sorcery in this. I've been getting many good reviews, tell me what you think.

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By Alan A. Armer (Alana) on Thursday, November 2, 2000 - 05:21 pm:


The Caspian Chronicles: Prophecies
Imaginative and exciting material! Your story is narrated, I presume, by Drake Caspian so his role really is as an observer to your story, not the protagonist. I hope this is your plan, Rodel, because he seems inactive for most of the show.

The story, of course centers around Morgan and Destiny and they are well-conceived characters. As I read, I thought of Morgan as your real protagonist. It is he who will be fighting the battles against Stryker, right? I worry that if Destiny has powers given to her by the gods, she will become invincible. We should feel, of course, that Stryker and his forces are more powerful than the forces of Good and that Morgan and Destiny are doomed, fighting losing battles. As you know, audiences tend to root for the underdog.

I found Stryker's story more interesting than Morgan's but perhaps this is due to the brevity of a premise. Obviously, there will be a series of clashes between Stryker's forces and Morgan's, building to a final showdown in which the odds are stacked against Morgan and Destiny. Please don't let the gods save the day, Rodel. I'm sure you have read about Deus ex Machina. Morgan and Destiny must ultimately solve their own problems.

Finally, I encourage you to examine more carefully the words that you use. For example, you say that the world is in Armageddon. Armageddon is not a state or a condition. As described in Revelations, it is the final destructive battle between good and evil. Thus, your screenplay is building up to that final battle and Armageddon will become your 3rd act. There are other examples of words slightly off kilter. e.g., "pacify the land."

You have created an exciting world with colorful and intriguing characters, Rodel. I wish you luck with your 2153 trilogy.

Critique by
Alan A. Armer

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