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Area 51
IndustryCentral ScreenWriters Exchange: Action/Adventure: Area 51
Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By Sheloman Byrd (Solomon23) on Tuesday, June 4, 2002 - 12:58 pm:


Area 51 is a top-secret, joint alien-human research base in the Nevada desert. After ten years, the scientists have finally created the first alien-human hybrid. However, they cannot bring it to life yet--they need the aliens' help.
In preparations for the aliens' arrival, the base calls the security chief JAMES REECE back from vacation to make sure nothing goes wrong. After the hybrid is alive, the Lead Alien, SAUREN, decide to take him back to their planet. As the humans lead them back to the portal, they walk into an ambush and the hybrid is now on the aliens' side. A firefight ensues, but the aliens decimate the humans and a team of six guards escapes to safe room.

After questioning the scientist, they must destroy the portal before more aliens arrive, and then destroy the base. The head scientist explains all this and they split up, one team to the portal, one team to start the self-destruct sequence. After escaping from the hybrid, the second team reaches the control room to start the sequence, but the room is confusing, and the hybrid, along with more aliens are outside. The other team runs into trouble when a host of aliens attacks them, and the head scientist turns out to be on their side as well. He helps them capture the two guards. He also has sent the second team to a false location so the aliens can kill them, as he tells them when they call to check in. The second team learns of this and is dumb-founded, they begin to think what they can do.

Meanwhile, in preparations for bringing the rest of their force through--something goes wrong, and another being steps through the portal instead. It's a cyborg. He kills the aliens in the room, destroys the portal and frees the guards. On the way to their friends in the control room, he tells them who he is. His name is SNYDER, and he comes from 28 years in the future where the aliens have taken over Earth. He's part of the last plan, to stop the invasions from ever happening, they must rewrite history.

On the way up to the other guards' location, one guard sacrifices himself to save another. The cyborg gets the other guard back safely and tells the others the true self-destruct sequence. They must make it to the head scientists office to arm the system, he also must kill the hybrid. The cyborg also gives the security chief a disk containing the time-line and where the next attacks will be. The group must fight their way to freedom, only a few will survive...

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By Sheloman Byrd (Solomon23) on Monday, June 3, 2002 - 03:48 pm:

A battle happens at Area 51 below the Nevada desert. An experimental alien-human hybrid is created by human and alien scientists. When it becomes active, the aliens decide to take control. A team of guards, assisted by a mysterious stranger, must activate the self destruction sequence to eliminate the aliens and escape.

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