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Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By Michael O'Neil (Screenwriter_2k) on Thursday, March 13, 2003 - 02:25 pm:

Kendra Lynch is a member of the Consortium, an elite multinational agency of assassins, each endowed with a unique psychic ability.

Disillusioned by the death of her husband and seven year-old daughter, Astrid, Kendra turns rogue and makes it her mission to destroy the secret program at all costs.

This proves a major problem to the Consortium, since Kendra's ability to foresee visions of imminent danger makes her invulnerable to attack. The Consortiums director, Tantros, is at odds with his superior, the mysterious, never-seen Doctor Watson. Tantros is determined to bring Kendra back to the group; Doctor Watson is intent on terminating her to protect the interests of the Consortium.

The Consortium also has an ace up their sleeve. Imprisoned in a high-tech glass cell inside their secret research facility is the thought-to-be-dead Astrid. The cell, suspended in mid air by super conducting electromagnets, keeps Astrid isolated from any physical contact with the outside world; specifically devised to isolate her incredibly developing psychic powers.

When a malfunction in the cube's levitation system brings Trent, an electromagnetic engineer, to the secret facility, Astrid seizes the opportunity and sends him a cryptic message for help. Trent does not know it yet, but he becomes the key to her freedom.

Doctor Watson catches the cryptic message and sets into motion an intricate plan; use Trent as an unsuspecting pawn to get past Kendra's psychic defenses and inevitably, kill her.

As the Consortium's minions force Kendra and Trent together, the two, being total opposites, piece together Astrid's imprisonment and team up to rescue her. Along their journey, they find themselves pitted against the other assassins, each with their own unique psychic ability, in a series of cat-and-mouse battles.

Kendra and Trent also fall in love. But what they do not realize yet is their alliance helps bring Doctor Watson's plan-within-a-plan to fruition.

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