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IndustryCentral ScreenWriters Exchange: Action/Adventure: THE TRINITY
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135 pages

Action/Crime/Science Fiction. LOG LINE:
The case of the stolen Scarlet diamond revolves around a vengeful femme fatale, a ruthless crime boss, and the Trinity.

The Trinity is an elite force of three highly trained agents formed by a secret organization called The Hive. The Hive, originally formed in Western Europe, places its circuits all around the world to protect the innocent and bring the guilty to justice through their own extreme measures.

Each Trinity is made up a Recruiter, the leader of the pack, whose job is to direct and control the group, and two subordinate agents who are in charge of going out to do the ‘dirty work’.
To add to their advanced combat ability, they have a unique weapon, the Chrono Warp, a technology that allows them to manipulate time. It boosts up their energy, strength and agility.

This movie focuses on one of the many circuits in North America, in a fictitious Scarlet City, – one specific Trinity made up of two female agents, Spirit and Lynx, and Lukas, the Recruiter.
When the Scarlet Diamond is stolen from a museum, the owner hires the Trinity to retrieve it. They have only one suspect in mind – a notorious crime dealer known as Bishop – but they need the right evidence to take him down.

Meanwhile, Spirit is struggling between life with her family and the Trinity. She makes a drastic decision that leads her back to her old life.
Furthermore, the government finds itself in a dire situation when its secret project is infiltrated by Bishop and his entourage.

In addition, the conspiracy behind the missing diamond is revealed and a betrayal puts a halt to Bishop’s plans but in the end, the Trinity conquers all.

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