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The November Republics
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Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By Gabriel Broussard (Gabrielcoeli) on Monday, March 14, 2005 - 12:46 pm:

The script is comprised of two 'books' each, roughly one hundred and fifteen pages long.
The first 'book', titled 'A World without Mothers and Fathers' opens on the morning of Thanksgiving Day and the children of the world waking to find that every adult over the age of twenty years old is dead.
I'm not one hundred percent on what causes this, because I haven't wrapped it all up yet. At this point it's a virus that affects postpubescent individuals released in an act of domestic terrorism at the summer Olympic Games. The visitors and athletes return as carriers to their home countries and the virus spreads, culminating in the deaths of billions.
This also raises important questions that plague the main character, who is the only exception to the rule: He is twenty-five years old, and has survived. He now has to wonder why the virus killed everyone on the same day if it took so long to spread and germinate, and he also doesn't know why he survived. In this, some tough theological discussions weave into the plot.

The protagonist, named Michael, unites the teenagers and children of his town, Vancouver, WA, and helps them to start their own "country." They pacify the gangs and riots that are destroying their town, and eventually establish a working order with the remnants of civilization.
But they are not alone. In fact, a similar thing has happened all across America, and soon the new republics find themselves embroiled in politics, foreign affairs and the threat of war. The ruler of Portland wants Vancouver for his own and has allied with Seattle to do this. Vancouver now must fight for its life and its freedom from Portland.
A protracted war between the teenagers resolves, at last, in a victory over Portland.

The second 'book,' called 'Harvest Ides', opens when Michael decides to embark on a horseback odyssey around America to search for other pockets of survivors and teach them to build a representative government and a society where all can live and thrive. Along the way, he topples corrupt empires and principalities in Chicago, Boise, Detroit and New York.
But halfway through his journey, Seattle makes overtures of war at Vancouver, and they are left without their commander and leader to defend itself. They send a messenger in a truck with the last of their gasoline east, to try and find Michael and bring him home.
When the messenger at last finds him in Atlanta, Michael has become a god of sorts, and is referred to far and wide by the disenfranchised children as 'The Wandering Jew.' As he is the Last Living Adult, he has attracted thousands of followers, and he leads them home to Vancouver at the most pivotal moment of the battle, bringing an army as large as Seattle's in as reinforcements. They fight Seattle's forces all the way back to their own territories and end up conquering the entire Northwest in Michael's name. Vancouver is safe once again, and Michael forms an alliance with the King of Los Angeles to form the West Coast Covenant, which safeguards and organizes governments for the children and teenagers all across America, and continues its quest against the despotic and unjust that have made their grabs in the power vacuums that resulted from the Cataclysm that happened on Thanksgiving Day. Eventually, all of North America is united, and Michael is given a seat at the head of the parliament as a Caesar of sorts over the Republic of North America.

At the end, (titled 'Epilogue') Michael lies on his death bed and wonders why he survived, and why all who died did so on the same day. He wonders about God, and about Judgment, and the Rapture. He thinks about the war, and about peace, and he wonders if any other civilizations around the world have had stories like his.
At that moment, one of his aides rushes into his seaside villa, where he is dying, and shows him the sea, where thousands of boats from Asia are approaching the American shore. The giant ship in the center of the fleet unveils a massive flag bearing a symbol of peace, and shortly all the others unfurl flags of their own. Michael sees this, sees that peace is at last in grasp, that unity with other nations around the world is approachable, and dies with a smile on his face.

The script is unfinished, as I'm sure you could have inferred from this synopsis, but I hope to be finished with it by summer. After that, who knows?

Thanks for reading my synopsis.

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