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Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By Roland Vasco (Rolandvasco) on Saturday, September 16, 2000 - 10:04 am:

I am attaching the below-referenced material for your possible consideration in its representation and marketing

The movie scripts begins depicting cinematic views of the creation of the universe, and the possible natural progression of our known universe

It attempts to briefly depict our planetís earth true beginnings, how it got to be where is at, orbiting the sun, and itís possible purpose in the creation of the known universe.

It also briefly touches in the terra-forming of other worlds in manners, which have not yet been developed by science, in which, instead of earth-domes and bio-domes like installations, such as, in the moon, or in other planets, an orbital satellite grid is used for planetary housekeeping, thus making any other planets similar to the planet earthís natural life-supporting symbiosis of all matter and elements

It briefly touches in the possible origins of the Marís asteroid belt, the gulf of Mexico, the great lakes, and fresh waters sharks of Nicaragua having itís origins from the resulting collision of earth with a stellar body coming from planet Minus-5, which orbited long time ago where the asteroid belt is now, and that it was destroyed in planetary wars in the past

It then moves to placing Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, attempting to explain how they became to be, where from, why and whom, while adhering to represent a scientific account of these biblical events

The movie then moves 200 years into the future, where black persons are treated like drones, where their rights and human dignity is systematically violated ,as they are viewed, perceived by government as laborers, such governments are making illegal use of the power of the lord our god, for evil purposes

The movies protagonist Arthur Dickens, an quasi-omnipotent human been and Dr. Linda Hawking, an FBI Scientist, are attempting to prevent such abuse and obvious sociological disaster and chaos

In doing so, one of the movies antagonist, Max Dilans, an expert in certain fields, escapes from such oppressive governments, and is pursued by Arthur Dickens, who does not know the reason and motives for Max Dilans, the villain, actions

Max Dilans escapes 200 years into the past and is pursued by Arthur Dickens,

Once 200 years into the past, Arthur Dickens is confronted by the existing government and itís military, which Arthur mocks by using his omnipotence, power, gadgetry and might, on their contemporaneous and futile weaponry such as submarines, jet fighters, tanks and other 20th century equivalents

One of Arthur first encounter with the 200 year past, is the military Space Station US-SS-Grand Rapids, which detect Arthurís craft and attacks him. Arthur, mocks such incoming missile fire, making humorous remarks to the astonished crew of the Space Stations, thus introducing a sarcastic hilarity for the rest of the movie

Arthur descend to Cape Canaveral and is confronted by NASA, whose scientist bring more humor into the movie by their flabbergasted astonishment and dumb-founded looks in their faces

Arthur joins with the unsuspected Dr. Linda Hawking, who is now a FBI agent 200 years in the past, and stars to make her aware of the problems in her time, and the resulting consequences thereof, 200 years later

The FBI, made aware of Arthur and Max, is now sent to apprehend, leading to several conflict and scaramushes, where Arthur makes use of his omnipotent power and might, along with his gadgetry, filling the scenes with humorous sarcasm, and the obvious innocence of not harm

Romance eventually develops between Arthur and Linda, he shows her space, the solar system, other planets, the boundaries of space, the yet expanding etches of the big bang wave, and the stars, captivating her heart and scientific curiosity

Arthur eventually is convinced by Max Dilans, and sympathizes with his reasoning. In doing so, Arthur expends a great deal of his time making the military aware of the inherent danger of nuclear weapons, and of the illegal role that a future government is to play due to the actions of a few opportunist criminals, whom posed as government officials

The movie end when all actions are satisfied, while leaving ample room for sequels


I would like this opportunity to thank you for reviewing my work

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me your leisure

Sincerely yours

Roland Vasco
2443 NW 35th St, Rear
Miami, Fl, 33142
PHN: (305) 636-3950

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By Alan A. Armer (Alana) on Thursday, September 21, 2000 - 10:51 pm:


The idea of someone from the future returning to today's world, while far from new, is always intriguing, Arthur's role, to warn today's governing bodies of future catastrophes, is certainly worthwhile. And the romance between Arthur and Linda Hawking (good name) would work well as a subplot. But . . .

You describe Max as a villain, Arthur's antagonist. In your synopsis, Max never functions as an antagonist. I'm not sure why he travels 200 years into the past. What is he trying to accomplish? You say that eventually Arthur is convinced by Max. Convinced of what? Max has never opposed Arthur. Now they apparently become allies. Where is the conflict? Alerting the world to possible future devastation is certainly a solid goal for Arthur but does Max disagree with that? And why does Arthur pursue him? If Max's initial goal is to warn today's world, it's hard to believe that Arthur would disagree with this. As you can see, I'm confused.

This relationship is central to your story, Roland, but it's unclear in your synopsis.

Finally, you would do well to spend more time with a dictionary and examining your sentence structure. The word "scaramushes" immediately tells the reader that the writer is not a professional. Likewise phrases such as "the obvious innocence of not harm."

I'm sorry to be so critical but I guess that's my job. I wish you well, Roland.

Critique by
Alan A. Armer

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