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The Couriers
IndustryCentral ScreenWriters Exchange: Action/Adventure: The Couriers
Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By Gary Dover (Gdover) on Wednesday, September 27, 2000 - 06:23 pm:

Gary Dover
Attn: Story Development

122 pages, action/gangster
Logline: A former FBI agent returns home to the hills of Tennessee with a gang of misfits to deliver marijuana in the stealthiest cars since Thunder Road and meets the girl of his dreams.

LEANDER DOBBS, cool, cigar smoking ex-FBI AGENT, has spent the last four years in prison for stealing money to help his ailing sister. During his detention, LEANDER is befriended by a pot smoking Jamaican named, QUINT, and his skinny Brooklyn sidekick, STAN.

Together with his Hellís Angel brother, TAGG, they hatch a plan to use souped up Mustang GTís to deliver premium marijuana across Tennessee; using the latest in surplus government surveillance equipment and hacking into secret government satellites to complete the scheme to stay one step ahead of the FBI plus an obese, pepto-bismol,whiskey drinking, corrupt SHERIFF PACKARD.

HOWARD, a former Nascar driver, provides hillbilly humor during his close escapes from law enforcement who are trying to capture this elusive group of COURIERS and put this band of criminals into early retirement via a bullet or prison whichever comes first.

During the day, our colorful group of criminals, are law abiding citizens who work as medical couriers picking up lab samples, however at sunset the cars go stealth and the tedium turns to action as the roads sizzle with the boys in blue in pursuit.

As the cash piles up and the liquor flows, our hero, Leander, meets the love of his life, a
Mennonite virgin named, ALLIE who is a throwback to the 18th century with a 20th century attitude. Leander, our domineering hero is turned into mush by the actions of this charming, chaste, chick who confronts life with the energy of a small nuclear reactor.

Chased by the Highway Patrol, Howard is killed and the carnival atmosphere turns somber as Leander decides to shut down the operation and leave the country with Allie. As the noose draws closer around this band of outlaws, Atlas, half hulk half Hoss, blows himself to smithereens, as he sacrifices his life to save the gang.

With timeclocks counting and escape in sight, Leander and Allie, stop to rescue a young boy critically injured in an automobile crash. Running out of time Leander makes a decision to jump a bridge under construction, in order to get the boy to the nearest hospital. With the airport surrounded by FBI, Leander and his gang make a daring departure for the Bahamas amid a hail of bullets, by leaping into a moving Lear jet.

Other screenplays by Gary Dover may be viewed on under the action and comedy genre. Featured writer of the month on for September

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By Alan A. Armer (Alana) on Thursday, September 28, 2000 - 12:05 pm:


Gary . . .

I'm puzzled. Why hasn't some bright producer snapped up this screenplay? It's clever, exciting and promises huge entertainment. Hell, even I would watch it!

Can't find fault with your story description. I do wonder a bit why Leander would devote his life to crime. Yes, I realize he was jailed for 4 years - but he was guilty, wasn't he? Did the FBI do something evil (I hope so) that would motivate such a radical change in your protagonist's life pattern?

I read once that in the remote hills of Tennessee (or was it Kentucky?) there are still isolated communities that speak pure Elizabethan English. Fantastic!

Good luck, Gary. You should make a bundle on this one.

Critique by
Alan A. Armer

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