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Lucy is dating Nick, a rich suave accountant, who is somewhat naïve and extremely conservative. Nickís best friend Jake is a more complex individual, very profound, philosophical and intelligent. Lucy we find out is a bright, but disturbed girl. She goes to school for drama and is obsessed with the characters that she plays. She is also into bondage and S&M. It is then revealed that Jake too takes drama and role playing workshops.
After a night out with Nick and Jake, Lucy is kidnapped by a masked man. As the story progresses we discover many dark and disturbing things. Not only is Jake the kidnapper, but he and Lucy had planned the abduction from the start in order to play a sick and twisted game of sex and violence. Does the game become reality? The line between role playing and life becomes blurred, as we cannot tell if Jake actually goes psycho or he is merely assuming the role of his character.

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