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TITLE: Director’s Cut - Writer’s Guild of Canada #S01-5240

WRITTEN BY: Timothy Richard Hannigan


LOG LINE: After finding a video tape depicting a murder in the basement of her new home, a teenage girl sets out to find the identity the anonymous killer. When the killer discovers she has seen the tape, she becomes the focus of his next home video.


A teenage girl, Patsy, and her father move to a small town following her mother’s suicide. Her mother had suffered from mental illness for a number of years prior to taking her own life. Haunted by nightmares, Patsy is trying to start fresh. Patsy’s only friend in the new town is her cousin, Megan, who is the same age. Patsy’s father is in the midst of winding up his law practice, leaving Patsy alone most weekends as he travels back and forth to the city they moved from. Megan tries to help Patsy adjust to the new town, and the new high school she is attending.

As Patsy is unpacking alone one night, she finds a home video covered in dust, lying behind the hot water tank in the basement. She watches the tape, only seeing a few seconds before the tape disintegrates from heat exposure. In the few grainy seconds she is able to see, Patsy witnesses a young women tied to a wooden chair. The tape shows the woman as she is murdered in the basement of Patsy’s new house by an unidentifiable killer.

Patsy takes the tape to the police but the tape is too badly damaged for them to view it. In a small town with no missing people, and no murders in its history, the police pass it off as a hoax. Even Patsy’s father does not believe her, suspecting that Patsy may be showing signs of mental illness. Patsy is forced to find the identity of the woman on her own, and to prove that the murder occurred. She begins investigating anyone that could have been connected with the house. Her investigation inadvertently makes the murderer aware that she has seen the tape. The murderer begins to stalk Patsy, using a video camera to capture her without her knowledge. Patsy and Megan are alone in the house one night and the murderer enters the home, setting his video camera on ‘night vision’ mode. With the power to the house turned off, he stalks the two girls in the darkness, rendering them unconscious.

Patsy wakes up in an unfamiliar basement. A television monitor connected to a video camera in the next room shows Megan tied to a chair as a dark figure taunts the camera. Patsy tries to escape, only to be recaptured and find herself bound to the same chair, staring into the lens of the killer’s video camera.

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