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Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By Tom Tuck (Tomtuck) on Friday, October 29, 2004 - 01:05 pm:

Supernature - Two short stories about the Supernatural, Unknown and the characters who are put up against these paranormal threats...
Both stories are connected by characters, places and events in what appears to be a lattice of coincidence garnished all over the story...

HOLY ISLAND - London Private Detective Mike Hanneman finds himself on a big score, high risk Werewolf hunt under the employment of generational millionaire Don Palmer.
Random members of Don's family have been born with the hereditary Lycanthrope curse and he now believes that there is only one remaining - but who?
Two agents from an unknown government entity blackmail Mike into capturing Don's daughter - Christine. The only problem is that Mike has a soft spot for a damsel in distress and digs himself deeper by protecting and, after eventually overcoming a culture clash between two different classes, falls for the girl.
Mike's investigation ensues and all breadcrumbs point to one place - Holy Island - where Mike finds the werewolf much closer to him than he ever imagined. (Note - the outcome is not as obvious as it seems)

IN EXTREMIS - Alyss, 30 wakens from her comatose condition with no memory of her past life and is approached by a mysterious, nameless man and his young, arrogant apprentice.
She is convinced by the strange twosome that she was an assassin and eventually, after experiencing life without direction or meaning, Alyss is ready to try her alledged past life on for size.
She quickly discovers how easy she finds the job and how good her employer is at getting her off the hook and seems to be rediscovering herself.
This is until strange things begin to happen and she begins to question what she is doing. After discovering that the young apprentice is a vampire she decides that she wants out.
Her employer is by no means prepared to let this happen and begins to hunt her down. This chase leads to a trully memorable climax due to the revelations that Alyss uncovers about herself, her employer, the approaching apocolypse and everything that has happened concerning both stories up this point.
She realises that where she goes from there - is not up to her...

After bearing witness to these two tales of paranormal noir, we discover that fate has an agenda.

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