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The Legend Of Whispering Willows
IndustryCentral ScreenWriters Exchange: Horror/Thriller: The Legend Of Whispering Willows
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The Legend Of Whispering Willows Synopsis

In 1880, a horrible fate befell DAKOTA WILLOWS when, as he walks home through the woods surrounding his property, he is attacked by a SOUL TAKER, a Native American spirit that is half-WITCH, half-VAMPIRE. He is found near death by a band of OSAGE Indians. They return Dakota to his home , where later that night, OLIVIA, Dakota's fiance' rushes to be at his deathbed-only to find him up and about like nothing happened. But something did happen, something that would cost Olivia her life and ulitimately trap Dakota inside the walls of WILLOWS MANOR forever.

Fast forward to present day WHISPERING WILLOWS....

Olivia's great-great niece SAMANTHA inherits the rundown Manor, which has stood abandoned for over seventy years. Strange thing is; she never heard her mother mention a word about owning it before she died.

Her best friend RACHEL, talks her into taking a look inside the creepy Manor. Wondering if the legends surrounding the place are true, and troubled by a dream she had the night before, Samantha reluctantly agrees. Once inside, the two women go separate ways.

When Samantha mysteriously dissappears, Rachel begins hearing the Indian drums and senses that Samantha is in terrible danger. She enlists the help of Samantha's on-again, off-again boyfriend MATT, along with GRANDMA, a NATIVE AMERICAN MEDICINE WOMAN who has encountered the strange phenomena inside the Manor before.

As Samantha finds herself trapped inside Dakota's world, she comes face to face with the legend himself, and although frightened, asks him to reveal the truth about himself and her great-great Aunt. Hesitant, Dakota opens the memory of that fateful night that changed his life forever and imprisoned him inside a world he can no longer bear without his one true love.

When Grandma, Rachel and Matt finally arrive at the Manor, they are confronted and warned by the spirit of Dakota's mother ELIZABETH, that time is running out to save Samantha. Grandma conjuers up a spell that liquifies one of the mirrors, allowing them to step through to the other side where they find Samantha and where they are quickly confronted by Dakota and the master Soul Taker. A battle of wills ensues and the master Soul Taker gains the upper hand on Samantha. Dakota attacks him, determined not to let history repeat itself.

Suddenly-the spirit of Rachel's grandfather CHIEF DAKOTAN appears, surrounded by a band of GHOST WARRIORS. He signals them to attack the Taker, chasing it from the house. As Dakota lays mortally wounded, he asks for Samantha's forgiveness and she releases his soul to forever be joined with his love, Olivia.

Through Dakota's sacrafice, Matt and Samantha realize that they truely love each other and Samantha can finally come to terms with her mothers death, because death is not the end of life, simply a new beginning.

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