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"SpaceRace" ©1999
IndustryCentral ScreenWriters Exchange: Drama: "SpaceRace" ©1999
Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By Benjamin Barnet (Bbarnet) on Sunday, March 5, 2000 - 02:03 am:

A docudrama of the current spacerace underway between U.S. corporations for the commercialization of space. The series focuses on real companies competing in the race, showing both success and failure. College interns are placed at the competing companies and are in a competition themselves for recognition and success. The interns are from a variety of schools across the U.S. and are rotated out after 1 or 2 years (similar to MTV''s Real World).

After 40 years of space launches, man's exploration of space will be replaced by his exploitation of space. Private launch companies will vie to place small factories into space for the production of new drugs and computer chips. Mainly consortiums of companies will privately own these factories. Already, private consortiums own and operate strings of communication satellites (e.g., Iridium).

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of pageLink to this message   By Alan A. Armer (Alana) on Wednesday, March 8, 2000 - 02:49 pm:


SpaceRace 1999 explores a timely topic that should attract viewers everywhere. The idea of exploring this topic through young people at various U.S. universities is also a solid line of attack.

I suggest focusing on two or three of these students so that the audience can get to know them and identify with them. Then you can build rivalies so that your script will become dramatic rather than solely documentary. Perhaps one or more of these students will rebel at the exploitation.

I would watch this show and I suspect others would, too.

Good luck!

Critique by Alan A. Armer

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