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IndustryCentral (Industrycentral.net) was launched in April 1999. Bruce Simon, a motion picture and television industry veteran of over 23 years in the area of production, wanted to provide a useful resource of industry related web sites where other members of the industry could conveniently browse the Internet for news and information relevant to their professional interests.

Commencing in January 2018, we have completely redesigned IndustryCentral with a new and exciting architecture that truly brings us forward into the new millennium. However, like our early mission, this presents us with the opportunity to put forward our original commitment to keep our content current with the Industry, but with a strong emphasis on preserving the foundations that have brought us here.

Originally derived from his "Favorites List", the resource continues to grow and today includes a user administrated database of over 1150 links. Plus, topical industry related "News and Information", A ScreenWriters' Exchange, Discussion Groups, and many other features have been added including the integration of off-site realtime content. As more relevant resources become available, they too have been and will be selectively added.

The World Wide Web, beyond question, has developed and will continue to evolve to the point where its global omnipotence in the presentation of media has make it the dominant media. Members of the industry are required to address the new media in each and every aspect of their work. With this in mind, it becomes imperative that we do not loose the many values and traditions that have evolved over the last century by way of styles and techniques.

IndustryCentral's main interface has always been and continues to be free to it's users in the hopes that its visitors will view the paid banner advertising sponsors as part of its content and visit their web sites. Only "Industry Related" sponsors are invited to participate it its Advertising Program.

The digital era is fully upon us! Generating myriad new ways of creating and promoting art and information media. But the foundation of media presentation is found in what is referred to as the "Golden Era" of both Motion Pictures and Television. Therefore, one prime goal for IndustryCentral is to balance a reverence for the values of the past with the promise of the future.

"Anecdotes from the Industry's Past", for example was originally started as a thread in the discussion boards as a means for veterans of the business to share some stories which we hope will serve to educate, amuse, and inspire. We continue this feature and invite you to submit your stories for consideration!

"Profiles of the Working Actor", has become a popular monthly feature targeted at the acting community to demonstrate the value of acting as a profession and passion over the motivation of stardom.

"The Director's Chair", equally became a resource of eminent interest with it's rich concepts shared by the many important Directors from the early beginnings to the CGI Blockbusters which dominate the Movie and TV landscape today.

"Clef Notes" added in February of 2000, brought monthly interviews on the subject of music scoring for movies and television. This feature continues with us!

As streaming content becomes more and more viable, it will find a willing home at IndustryCentral, and undoubtedly become a standard presentation format. Seminars, classes, news events, and the like will be available either directly or by lateral web site providers.

Any comments or suggestions as always will graciously be accepted via email at info@industrycentral.net

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