Chris Ellis - Never been fishing!

Chris Ellis - Never been fishing!

First Published: January 2001
Chris Ellis | "Fairly Legal" (2011) [a]

Chris Ellis | "Fairly Legal" (2011) [a]

Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Chris Ellis | "The X Files" (1993)
Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Chris Ellis | "The X Files" (1993)
Rowan Atkinson, Peter MacNicol, Chris Ellis, Richard Gant | "Bean" (1997)
Billy Bob Thornton, John Aylward, Keith David, Chris Ellis, J. Patrick McCormack | "Armageddon" (1998) [b]
Liv Tyler, Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Keith David, Chris Ellis | "Armageddon" (1998) [b]
Chris Ellis | "The Watcher" (2000)
Paul Guilfoyle, George Eads, Chris Ellis | "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (2000)
Chris Ellis, Jon Hamm | "Mad Men" (2007) [c]
Simon Baker, Chris Ellis | "The Mentalist" (2008) [d]
Chris Ellis, Sarah Shahi | "Fairly Legal" (2011) [a]
Chris Ellis | Working Actor
Chris Ellis | Working Actor
Chris Ellis | Working Actor
Chris Ellis | Working Actor
Chris Ellis | Working Actor

Chris Ellis always wanted to be an actor because of television. He grew up in the 50's in the deep south in a "world of privation and violence", but saw on television people who seemed to have lives of ease and priviliege.

"I was raised in the Mississippi delta, and my salient memories from early childhood are of children who were beaten and abused by adults or by other children." But, that's is not why he left.

On February 10, 1964, when Chris was 14 years old, The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time. They sang "She Loves You," and "I Want To Hold Your Hand," which they had written, and "Til There Was You," which was written by Jerry Herman, who also wrote "Hello, Dolly."

Later in 1964, Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman were killed by member of the Ku Klux Klan near Philadelphia, Mississippi. Three of the confessed killers were tried for murder in Mississippi state court and were acquitted. One of the Klansmen, Terry Keeter, who was never charged with any crime, was, by 1968, working for the sheriff's department in Senatobia, Mississippi. That summer, he and his partner, Lekk Hopper, arrested Ellis for fishing without a license as he stood at the edge of Sardis Lake. "I have never been fishing in my life, though in 1968 my hair was long for a man by Mississippi standards."

These events helped him to decide to blow town altogether as soon as he might finish his schooling. Which he did, whistling 'Hey fiddle dee dee, the actor's life for me.'

It took him seven years to finish college however, because "I have always been shiftless". During those years Chris became involved in community theatre in Memphis, where "I did and do still think the quality of the work has always been quite good". By the time he moved to New York to seek his way amid the world's ruin, He had worked with many excellent actors in about two dozen plays, classical and contemporary. "I cannot imagine what might have supplanted that background for a newcomer in New York".

After working in regional theatre for a year or so, Chris fell off the radar screen, as some will do, and did not work for about ten years. During that time he lived in "bone-grinding poverty" in Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen. In one 9 month period of 1987, Chris accepted 102 dinner invitations. "I don't know why they kept arriving, nor why I counted them, though I do know why I accepted them."

When Chris began working in film at age 40, he began for the first time to make a living as an actor. By then he was no longer in the flush of youth, and no longer had hair like "Algernon Swinburne, nor hips like two coconuts".

Since then Chris has made a living playing character roles, "mostly southerners, men who snarl and vote for Republicans, and who work for NASA in Mission Control".

But as he so readily tells us......."I'll take it."

Chris Ellis' advice to the aspiring actor:

I believe to be a working Actor is 50% luck! but when you get lucky, the other 50% is being ready.

To that end, I recommend reading at least one Shakespeare Play out loud each year (Try two or three - with friends or alone..... doesn't matter).

It won't help you get an agent, and nothing I can tell you will do that. But in no other one source, will you find such a complete range of human emotions, or better preparation.


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Chris Ellis' Credits
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 2017 Hand of God (TV Series)
Principal Matt Wasser
- Telling Me Your Dreams (2017) ... Principal Matt Wasser
 2016/III Trigger (Short)
 2015 K.C. Undercover (TV Series)
- Runaway Robot: Part 2 (2015) ... Christos
- Runaway Robot: Part 1 (2015) ... Christos
 2015 Murder in the First (TV Series)
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- Out of the Shadows (2015) ... Judge Mitchell Ellis
- Oh, Mexico (2015) ... Judge Mitchell Ellis
 2015 Mad Men (TV Series)
Del Hill
- The Milk and Honey Route (2015) ... Del Hill
 2015 McFarland, USA
Coach Jenks (as Chris Ellis Jr.)
 2014 Jessabelle
Sheriff Pruitt
 2014 Sequestered (TV Series)
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Pastor Tim Bryant
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- What Matters Most (2013) ... Colonel Arnold Cassell
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Bo / Maddox Resor
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Beau Teague
- Vacation (2010) ... Beau Teague
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Douglas Cooper
- Riverbrook (2010) ... Douglas Cooper
 2009 The Office (TV Series)
Chris O'Keefe
- Shareholder Meeting (2009) ... Chris O'Keefe
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FBI Director (as Chris Ellis Jr.)
 2009 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TV Series)
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- Today Is the Day: Part 1 (2009) ... Hayes
 2009 Knight Rider (TV Series)
Phil Driscoll
- Knight and the City (2009) ... Phil Driscoll
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Jim Horn '08
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L Donn Murray
 2007-2008 Burn Notice (TV Series)
Virgil Watkins
- Rough Seas (2008) ... Virgil Watkins
- Unpaid Debts (2007) ... Virgil Watkins
 2008/II Crazy
Glen the Carousel Manager (uncredited)
 2007 The Third Nail
Colonel Reeves
 2006-2007 The Unit (TV Series)
Congressman Bruce Gelber
- Pandemonium: Part 1 (2007) ... Congressman Bruce Gelber
- Report by Exception (2006) ... Congressman Bruce Gelber
 2007 Live Free or Die Hard
Scalvino (as Chris Ellis Jr.)
 2007 Transformers
Admiral Brigham
 2007 The Memory Thief
Mr. DeSilva
 2007 Veronica Mars (TV Series)
Reverend Ted Capistrano
- There's Got to Be a Morning After Pill (2007) ... Reverend Ted Capistrano
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Vice President - Grand Cayman Bank
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Doctor (uncredited)
 2005 CSI: NY (TV Series)
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