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On February 20, 2014; 27-year-old assistant cameraperson, Sarah Jones was killed in a train accident near Savannah, Georgia, on the set of the film "MIDNIGHT RIDER". The accident also injured half a dozen crew.
Sarah’s death has resonated with tens of thousands of filmmakers from around the world and spurred a rallying cry for greater on-set safety.  A Facebook page, “Slates for Sarah”, was swamped with photos from around the world, of production camera slates with tributes to Sarah. “The Vampire Diaries” on which she had worked for several seasons ended its Feb. 27 episode with this legend, “In Loving Memory of Sarah Jones, 1986 – 2014.”

Read this story detailing the events of that day in this article from 2014 in the THR article details filming incident that killed Sarah Jones

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